Our Care Solutions have you and your family in mind.

Benefits Beyond Traditional LTC

Our suite of whole life-based products can help you
retain your independence, preserve your dignity and
leave a legacy for your loved ones by offering:

• Tax-free LTC benefits

• Premiums never increase
• Benefits never decrease
• Assets grow at a guaranteed rate
• Death benefits are available if not used for LTC
• The option to have your premium returned

More Than Just Nursing Home Care

Long term care is intended to provide support to those who need assistance due to severe cognitive impairment, or help completing Activities of Daily
Living (ADLs) like eating or bathing. Our LTC care solutions can help you pay for almost any level of care, ranging from local care during the day to more
specialized support:

• Home health care
• Assisted living
• Nursing home
• Adult day care
• Hospice

There are very few families that do not know the term "Long Term Care" as many families face the difficult and very expensive decisions regarding care for an aging parent or grandparent. I get asked all the time, "How do we handle it?" , "Where will the money come from?" As a baby boomer myself, I question whether everything I've worked for would be gone if I'm faced with this. As a society we are living longer, the odds of someone we love needing this kind of care are growing greater and greater. Then, comes the next question..."What if I don't need it? I've spent hard earned dollars with nothing to show for it." I now have the answer to that question too! 

-Angela Fleming


Are you aware that in your lifetime you may have more parents to care for than children?

Lifetime LTC option available

Since no one can predict if long-term care will
be needed — much less how long care may be
required — a Continuation of Benefit rider is
also offered with premiums guaranteed never to
increase. This rider can increase your guaranteed
length of LTC coverage to provide lifetime benefits
for additional peace of mind.

Enjoy tax advantages

You and your beneficiaries enjoy tax advantages:

• Your policy earns tax-deferred interest each year;
• Your beneficiary will pay no income taxes on the life insurance proceeds that you leave
them (Internal Revenue Code Section 101(a) allows proceeds received under a life insurance
contract by reason of death of the insured will not be includable in gross income); and
• Should you ever use Asset-Care for qualifying long-term care expenses, these benefits are
income tax-free (Internal Revenue Code Section 101(g) allows for any amount received under a life
insurance contract on the life of a chronically ill insured to be treated as paid by reason of the death
of the insured, and not includable in gross income)

Being able to address the concerns of Long Term Care and discuss how our products now create a benefit whether they are used for Long Term Care or not, proves that once again, Life Insurance can be the answer. No more paying premiums with nothing to show for it. Another "Living Benefit" of a fabulous product.  

-Angela Fleming


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