"It matters what kind of company issues your life insurance policy! Mutual Insurance companies vs. stock companies. You own the bank vs. stockholders looking for quarterly earnings reports. You making money vs. THEM. Banks and corporations own billions in permanent insurance and use the  cash value as working capital...YOU can do the exact same thing. It’s called the “Living Benefit” of Life Insurance."

-Angela Fleming


YES! Life Insurance can offer death benefits and Living Benefits

Beyond the benefits of traditional term life insurance are the Living Benefits of permanent life insurance. Permanent life insurance allows you to build "cash value" over time. This accumulation of cash value, along with tax advantages allows you to enjoy Living Benefits.

  • Tax-Deferred Growth


Your cash value will grow and never decline. It sustains your financial security with stable yet consistent growth that supports your financial goals. 

  • Policy Loans

The cash value in your policy is an asset...your asset. You can borrow against your life insurance policy using your cash value anytime and for any reason. 

  • Home Purchase

  • Business Investments or Commercial Property

  • Pay for College

  • Handle a Financial Emergency

  • Provides a tax free Income Stream in Retirement

Using the living benefits of life insurance opens an opportunity for tax free living and the experience of creating your own banking system.

Learn how this asset can reduce your tax liability in the future.

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