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This is the time of year many of us reflect on things that matter most to us.  It is hard to believe another year is quickly coming to an end.  Time seems to speed up the older we get.  I often ask myself “what did I accomplish this year?" Did I live up to my ‘resolutions’ (usually, never!)?  Being another year older also presents itself the questions, what do I really want to accomplish, complete or experience with my life?  The Bucket List grows and becomes more important each year.  Some of the things on it are a little frivolous and others are of great importance.  Let’s slow down for a little time during the Holiday Season to appreciate our blessings and to acknowledge them.  That could mean an extra hug or an ‘I love you’ for those we hold dear. Let’s also make sure to take care of those loved ones as we should, financially. The new year is the perfect time to complete the Bucket List ’s important things so that we can move on to enjoy the coming year with a sense of accomplishment and security.


From our homes to yours, wishing you a safe and happy Holiday Season and a blessed New Year!

Angela G. Fleming


The May Group

Selling the possibilities of “life” insurance…

Many people avoid the conversation of life insurance because it makes us think about “bad stuff” happening.  Yes, you need the protection in case the unthinkable should happen.  That is hard to think about.  What if you knew all the possibilities of the right kind of life insurance instead of just for death insurance?

Can you think of another product that not only protects your family or business against a terrible loss, but can allow you financial freedom while you are very much alive?  What if you could have:

            An emergency fund?

            College funding for your children OR grandchildren?

            Tax free money in retirement?

            Money for a wedding?

            Home remodeling?

            Purchase a car?

            Start a business?


Your money.  Your control. No debt on your credit report.  In essence, you become your own bank.  For the people who are looking to control more of their finances and have access to another bucket of money, this could be the answer.  There are financial solutions for all of the times of your life with the right kind of life insurance.  Let those possibilities sink in.



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