What Makes Us Unparalleled

Think of it as the moat around your castle.

Most financial planners are obsessed with convincing clients to accumulate the largest castle of wealth possible. The May Group, however, recognizes that it’s more important to protect what you have before you “expand your castle.” Without that “moat” of protection surrounding it, it doesn’t matter how large your castle is—you’re always one legal or financial crisis away from losing it.

Here's a short video that explains our approach to custom client solutions:

The May Group offers a practical, common sense approach to secure its clients’ futures, foregoing the clichés and conventional wisdom of the product-focused financial planning business.

Our Clients Say...

"As a young professional couple, it is difficult to find a company willing to talk about potential income and not current income so that you have a plan already in place. The May Group was entirely different. They looked at where we were in our financial position and really listened to how to get there. They not only treated us like a client who had been with them for years, but were also willing to show us different scenarios based not only on our needs but also our wants."

- Laura R., Esq. & Shawn R., M.D

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